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Peerium’s tokenomics promote fairness and transparency. The full token supply was released on launch day, ensuring equal opportunities for all. Our inclusive ecosystem incentivizes engagement and fosters sustainable growth.

Total Suppy
1,000,000,000 $PIRM
Max Supply
1,000,000,000 $PIRM
Circulating Supply
605,000,000 $PIRM
Total Burnt
Dev Wallet 3.81%

Peerium's Utility Token $PIRM

Introducing $PIRM, the revolutionary utility token that was created on July 1, 2023, with a clear purpose and a bold vision. Developed to address the limitations of traditional financial systems, $PIRM aims to redefine the way people interact with digital assets and embrace the potential of cryptocurrency.


As a key component of the Peerium ecosystem, $PIRM serves as the driving force behind a diverse range of services and features. From a cross-chain platform that ensures seamless interoperability to a cutting-edge super wallet offering secure storage and convenient transactions, $PIRM empowers users to take control of their digital assets and explore new possibilities.


In addition, $PIRM fuels the development of an all-in-one super app, offering a centralized hub for social media, entertainment, e-commerce, and decentralized services. This transformative app revolutionizes convenience and opens doors to innovative experiences, all accessible through a single platform.


But $PIRM doesn’t stop there. It unlocks a world of immersive play-to-earn experiences in the metaverse, where users can engage in thrilling adventures based on real-world scenarios. By combining virtual realms with tangible rewards, $PIRM blurs the boundaries between the digital and physical, offering a truly captivating and valuable experience.


$PIRM represents a movement that aims to make cryptocurrency accessible to the masses. It envisions a future where digital assets become an integral part of everyday life, revolutionizing how we transact, engage, and explore. With $PIRM, individuals can embrace the potential of decentralized finance and be part of the shift towards a more inclusive and empowering financial landscape.


Join the journey of $PIRM as it reshapes the future of finance, empowers individuals, and paves the way for a decentralized and borderless digital economy. Experience the transformative power of $PIRM and discover a world where possibilities are limitless and the potential for growth is boundless.